12v Relay Diagram

12v Relay Diagram - to connect a 12v relay to the arduino you need the following things 1 arduino 1 diode for ex le 1n4007 1 npn transistor for ex le 2n2222 in the us or bc548 in europe 1 relay for ex le one with coil voltage 12v and switching voltage 125vac 10 a 1 multimeter led 12v emergency light circuit diagram gallery of electronic circuits and projects providing lot of diy circuit diagrams robotics microcontroller projects electronic development tools here this circuit diagram is for 12v regulated fixed voltage dc power supply this power supply circuit diagram is ideal for an average current requirement of 1 this circuit is based on ic lm7812 it is a 3 terminal ve voltage regulator ic it has short circuit protection thermal overload protection this is a simple clap switch circuit diagram project if you are a beginner electronics learner and love to do new project experiment then this is a great circuit.
for you this circuit can on off a 220v electronic device like fan l by the sound of clap usually a relay is used in a circuit as a mag ic switch to turn on a second circuit a relay is an electromag ic switch which is activated when a small current is passed through its coil the circuit can be powered from 5v to 12v dc the sensitivity of the circuit can be adjusted with the 50k variable resistor the relay values should be selected according to the operating voltage step 1 once you have all the parts you need the first thing to do is assemble the parts on a prototyping board and wire them together as shown in the wiring diagram

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